Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Year in the Making

It seems as though I have forgotten about our little family blog. I truly have been beating myself up this last year because I haven't posted for so long. I want to eventually turn our blog into a book which means I need to start regularly updating!

       Family Pictures 2012

We sent Kory's sweet mother on a mission to St. Louis.
Maura had a fun 2nd birthday in June. I can't believe My girl is 2!!

Birthday Girl
At two years old Maura Loves to talk, sing songs, knows all her colors, and can count to 10 in English and Spanish (Dora). She also loves to pet the chickens and find wiggly worms in the garden. She has so much energy that never seems to stop. This girl is also very strong willed and sassy but sweet. We are kinda obsessed with her!

Birthday Photo Shoot

Bear Lake July

At the Farmington Parade

We went to 2 different parades this year for the  4th. We also participated in our towns Hillbilly derby this year. Alright, just Kory did but it was really fun for me to watch!
July 4th Fun

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